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Materials engineering

WebElements periodic table  MatWeb - material data sheetproperty search

List of elements by melting point  Coefficient of thermal expansion  Hardness conversion 1 / 2

Principal Metals - metallurgical glossary  KonstruktörsLotsen - korrosionsegenskaper materialkategorier

Steel lectures  History of steel  The wonderful world of steel

Carpenter  Imphy Alloys  Le Guellec tubes  Special Metals  Bibus Metals  Harald Pihl  Magellan Metals  Falcon Metals

High temperature stainless steel  High Temp Metals

Annealing info  Sumco - hydrogen annealing  Seco/Warwick - annealing equipment  GeoNord  Bodycote  Efunda - heat treat info

Accuratus - ceramics  Rath - refractories  Refratechnik  Thermal ceramics  Unifrax  HolgerEldfast


Physics of soft magnetic materials  Arnold Magnetics - core design programs  Magnetic unit conversion

Magnetic shielding materials  Ad-vance Magnetics  EAMagnetics  Raychem circuit protection  

Nickel alloys for laminations  Proto Laminations  National Electronic Alloys

Metglas - high performance coresMagnaperm  Mecagis cores  High magnetic field measurements (Vacuumschmelze)

Carpenter - selecting soft magnetic alloys  Cartech - magnetic selector  Cartech - HyMu data  Alibaba – trade leads


Logic IC info  Digital logic gates  TTL gates  CMOS output

MOSFET info  Compact transistor models  Darlington transistor  Sziklai pair  All about circuits – current mirror  FET as a Voltage Controlled Resistor

National's Variable Gain Amplifiers (VGA)  4QD-TEC - voltage controlled amplifier circuit  THAT Corporation – trimmable VCAs  Discover Circuits - automatic gain control  Effective AGC at nominal cost  Analog Dynamic Gain Control  Digital AGC

Electrobase - search cores & electronics  Epcos  Transformers part 2  Magnet cell analysis  Isomatic - small transformers

Electronics tutorials  2nd tutorial on PSpice  SPICE model index  OrCAD Community - PSpice  Philips SST Models  Audio amplifiers - links to tube design

Electronics for radiation environment  Radiation detector  SEE  More SEE

EMC Standards overview  EMC Standards

Analog devices crossref search  Philips documents / application notes  Philips products  ST products  Texas Instruments  High-Performance Analog from TI  Tyco Electronics  Fluke  NI Developer Zone  Measurement computing (company) EE Times - semiconductor news

Electronics Plus parts  Dfind  Electronicpool - supply  PROTON – supply  Service manuals and schematics search


Intel® Centrino® Chipset ID Utility  Centrino NF Update Utility  Intel(R) Chipsets Support Intel® 815 Chipset Family Chipset ID Utility  815 INF Update Utility  Intel® Chipset Driver Matrix  Computer motherboard drivers and updates  Dell BIOS Drivers & Downloads

Intel(R) Bus Master IDE Driver  Intel(R) Ultra ATA Storage Driver - Top Technical Issues  Chipset Software - Application Accelerator does not install on 815EM

Maxtor Online Help Topics - DiamondMax Plus 60 Ultra ATA 100 - Utilities  What is RAID - Webopedia  Tips about a poor-performing SCSI RAID 0 - Slow SATA from 32bit PCI  DMA Mode for ATA-ATAPI Devices in Windows XP  ATA-66, ATA-100 and ATA-133 Hard Disks Hardware Secrets  Ultra ATA FAQ  Ultra ATA 133 support  Overview and History of the IDE-ATA Interface  Slow Disk Performance When Write Caching Is Enabled  Tiki XpSCSIProblems

Sony Overseas Models  Sony Support - CD-RW Drives  Sony Support - CD-RW Drives 2  C3200n  CRX160E

DocMemory - Info  FAQ's - memory error info etc  Plug-and-Play-HOWTO  Overclocking  Memory FAQ  Memory types  Toms hardware - RAM guide  MemoryTen

PowerLeap - processor upgrades  Sunbeam Hard Drive Silencer - Quiet Computers

crossgcc archive  EEMBC -- The Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium - interstitial ad  Beyond Logic  ARM Developers' Conference 2005  ARM Discloses Technical Details For ARMv7 Architecture  MIPS architecture – Wikipedia

Renesas Technology  Renesas Technology - M16C Family  M16C-Ctrl Für Experimente mit dem M16C  M16C-Flasher  Renesas Technology Development Software  Renesas Technology, NC30WA, AS30 and MR30 Upgraded  S Records  Programmers Heaven - Assembler Zone - M16C Flash Linux Download  Renesas Technology - Compiler NC30  Renesas Technology - KD30 UART  Support for the Renesas M32C and M16C


Ascii Table  Alphabetic File Extension List  Microsoft Application Search  The Programmer's File Format Collection - Download Freeware and Shareware Computer Utilities  3d2f - shareware search  
SnapFiles, we download it before you do!  File Hippo - Free Software Downloads  ~heha-hs_freeware  Last Freeware version  CoMa's Freeware List  sys-f01 - system files download  The End of DLL Hell

Driver reset tool Drivers & Downloads - Dell  Microsoft TechNet Driver Resources  Search for Driver  File.Net - How to remove fltmgr.sys error problem  Get your dangerous XP Cache Filter here  Write behind Caching on the Windows Platform  Write-Combining Memory in Video Miniport Drivers  WHDC  Tools - WHQL  drivers - WHQL  Windows 95 USB support  TvicPort

ATTO Disk Benchmark  Cool tool hidden inside Microsoft Download Center - Virtual CD  WinImage FAQ +  BootPart   Frequently asked question  WinISO convert BIN to ISO, extract-edit-create ISO files directly, make bootable CDs  WinISO 2  TWAIN-- Standard for image acquisition devices

Memory Management in Win98 & ME  Memtest86 - Memory Diagnostic Page  Why is windows memory managment so bad - Windows  Windows 95, 98 and Millenium Edition Support for Memory Configurations Greater than 512MB  RAM tools

Magneto Software - Network security and information and tools  SGI Anonymous FTP list  Best free windows dns lookup  Windows 2000 QoS Components  BackStreet Browser - Free Offline Browser, Download Entire WebSite  Welcome to Boutell.Com  Tiny personal firewall  DNS stuff  BITS 2.0 and WinHTTP 5.1

Grace - plotting tool  Orange Photo Editor  VCW VicMan's Photo Editor  Quantum Whale Products Clock Screen Saver

Lame ACM Codec build 20020202  mp3 decoder tests - details of the mp3 decoders tested

McAfee Security - McAfee VirusScan 4.0.3 or higher and Dr. Solomon 8.x DAT File Update

Migrating to Vista using User State Migration Tool 3.0  Real Men Don't Click -- User Profile Management  Optimize Desktop Productivity with User Profiles  readme.txt - UPHClean  User Profile Hive Cleanup Service download and review - deals with application EventID 1000

Controlling Windows Services and Service Accounts  Application As Service - Run Application As Service Windows 2000-2003-XP  Download details Microsoft Management Console  Microsoft Management Console Center  Windows Server 2003 R2 Home  Windows Server Resources

Monitoring and Troubleshooting the File Replication Service  File and Disk Tools in the Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit  computers not in network neighborhood one solution  Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit for Windows XP  Start Menu Issues Use System Restore to Undo Changes  Windows 2000 automatic updates

XP Minimal-Requirement-Test  (Guide)SpeedUp Improve XPs Boot and Start Up Time -  Boot time records [Archive]  BootVis Download - EXTREME Overclocking  Hacking Windows XP Speed Up Your Boot  Windows XP Tweaking – Startup and General Performance Tweaks Page 1

WinGuide tweaks  Pagefile Optimization  More Ways To Speed Up Windows XP - Windows XP Tweaks, Tips, Hacks, Visual Styles, Support, and Software

Diagnose XP  Maintenance Tools  Troubleshooting Windows XP, Tweaks and Fixes for Windows XP  What's the new -NoExecute switch  Windows ME Shutdown Troubleshooter  Windows XP STOP Errors

Windows XP Commands - commands in NT and bash   WindowsXP Tips  PC Buyer's Guide - Windows XP Tips  AXCEL216 - MDGx Complete WinDOwS Tricks + Secrets List Power user's secrets and shortcuts


C functions  C FAQ  C++ reference  Dynamic-Link Library Functions  Windows UI functions  SamLogic C++ Visual Library

Bloodshed Software - Compilers resources  C++ Builder - Rubber Banding  GExperts Programming Tools for Delphi and C++Builder  Programmers' Tools Tools for real coders. C, C++, Java, Assembler, Basic, Pascal, PHP, Ruby, Scripts, Setup, Debugging, Debug  Koders - Source Code Search Engine  Easy Development Tools - outside IDE  Scott Hanselman's Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tools List

ActiveVB - ApiViewer (en)  .NET Framework Developer Center SDKs, Redistributables & Service Packs  DLLs, Processes, and Threads  John M. Drescher's Home Page of Links  Redistributing Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Applications (Visual C++ 6.0 Technical Articles)  Programmers heaven PE tools

Iczelion's Win32 Assembly Homepage  Free Assembler Programming - GAS - main  The MASM Forum - Index  The World of x86 Assembly Language (English Version)  Go tools

The Macro Assembler AS  LADsoft CC386 Page  Keil - compiler support

DOS Programming, Undocumented DOS, and DOS Secrets  Excel programming

GCC Home Page - GNU Project  GNU Binutils  GNU Utils for Windows  GRUB

Linuxsoft  X libraries  fenris tracer  Linux-MIPS HOWTO  BadRAM Download area

Matt's Script Archive, Inc. Free Perl CGI Scripts  DeviceTools – webalizer  Arachnophilia Home Page - HTML editor in Java  Ajax (programming) - Wikipedia  HTML tags  CSS reference

images on the fly  GD Graphics Library  Independent JPEG Group  libpng Home Page  PNG (Portable Network Graphics) Home Site

FreeType  libfreetype  Download RISS FontPak 1 v1.3 Shareware software - Softlookup Downloads  Microsoft Office Assistance Facts about fonts  Luc Devroye - maths/fonts

Krypto-Kampagne  Linux Headquarters bzip2 and bunzip Files  cabextract   Free Compression Tools - Software Vault  Advanced CAB Repair  S/MIME and OpenPGP

Malicious Software Encyclopedia WinNT-F4IRootkit  Spyware data  DSO Exploit - Executing programs without Scripting or ActiveX  Nielsen//NetRatings - A global leader in Internet media and market research - Internet tracking company  Michal Zalewski  SSH CRC-32 Compensation Attack Detector Vulnerability  Metasploit  Local Machine Zone Lockdown   Vundo  Sasser  MyDoom  Kerio vulnerability


Swedish trade council  Bloomberg  NASA images  Stockholms observatorium  Rubik's Cube Solution

ETNA - electronic transactions on numerical analysis, completely free  CiteSeerX - free access to JSTOR articles

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